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Burglaries and theft have a very immediate psychological effect on people. Loss of personal belongings, the invasion of privacy, the damage caused by a burglar; it all adds up. All of this can be prevented through the installation of a monitored burglar alarm.

What’s the difference between a monitored alarm and just having an audible only alarm?

Burglars are deterred by the sight of an intruder alarm, it’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that a large percentage of burglars and thieves are opportunists. If they’re desperate enough, they’ll try their luck regardless of the alarm system.

With an audible only alarm, the only deterrents you have are the internal or external sounders/sirens. While these are sometimes incredibly successful in warning someone away, other times the really determined burglars will either ignore them or try and disable them. Many people have the mind set to ignore an alarm system that is sounding nearby them because most people just assume it is a false alarm.

By connecting your alarm system to a remote monitoring station your alarm activations will not be ignored. The burglar will not be able to stop the alarm signal from being transmitted and the controller sat at the monitoring station and each activation will be responded to. When the alarm receiving centre receives the activation there are a number of protocols they have to follow in order to confirm whether or not the activation is real or false. These can vary depending on the type of alarm system you have.

Visonic RealAlarm™ Visual Verification alarm system.

The real alarm is a standalone system that delivers real-time images of alarm events enabling our in-house alarm receiving centre to act promptly upon intruder activations, fire and panic situations.

These systems are DD243/BS8243 visual verification compliant allowing the alarm receiving centre to contact the necessary emergency services directly enhancing response times to your premises; eliminating false alarm events and your home or business being black listed by the emergency services. Also being reliant on friends, family or employees to respond to your alarm activations can be a massive burden to them. Not to mention relying on employee’s to attend to business activations will not be covered by your insurance.

Visual verification is the future of monitored alarm systems.

Visual verification is the future of monitored alarm systems

What makes these alarm systems so special?

  • Advanced PIR motion detectors with integrated cameras capture images and audio in all situations including Fire & Medical Emergency.
  • Instant capture technology guarantees snapshots of fast-moving intruders.
  • Reduces costs by avoiding responses to false alarms.
  • Reduces hassle for both home owners and businesses.
  • Enables better service from our central control room, enabling us to assess the correct actions and help prepare the authorities before they arrive.
  • Being able to have a visual verification means a guaranteed response from the emergency services.
  • Provides authorities with documented proof of criminal actions.
  • You own the equipment out right.
  • The systems are cheaper, to buy and to maintain, than many other common wireless alarms.
  • We can provide Alarm monitoring by using your home broadband, phone line or by a SIM card placed in the panel provided by CSL DualCom.
  • App based control of your alarm system through the ‘Visonic-Go’ mobile app.
    (Only available with broadband or GSM connected panels)


Control your Visonic PowerMaster alarm systems anywhere, anytime when connected to our server.

Regardless of whether you’re at home, at work, on a business trip, or on holiday, this app lets you control your Visonic alarm system. You can arm and disarm the alarm system, view the status of installed detectors and view the protected premises via installed cameras. This is all possible because of the system using a GSM/GPRS dialler (Mobile network data) allowing the panels to interact with our server on a level not possible through standard telephone line connection.

Download the App on iOS Store  Get the app on Google Play Store

Visonic Powermaster Additional Services

  • Professionally installed by fully trained engineers.
  • 2 year parts guarantee and a 1 year labour guarantee.
  • 24/7 technical support service.
  • Each installation will come with 3 months free 24/7 monitoring.
  • Visual Verification of Intrusion, Fire, Panic & Medical situations allows us to deal with activations more efficiently and effectively.
  • Remotely diagnose problems through our Visonic PowerManage server, even allowing us to make system changes and updates.
  • Servicing & Maintenance contracts can also be provided.

Pre-Installation Survey and Demonstration

With every quotation we do for our customers, we visit the premises and carry out a full site survey to ensure you get exactly what you need for your situation.

During the survey we bring along with us a custom demonstration kit, complete with examples of what we will be installing to your premises so you get to see first-hand exactly what we will be installing.

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