Scaffolding Alarms & Scaffold Alarm Hire

Easy to Operate, Completely Independent, Monitored Scaffolding Alarm Systems.

With scaffolding presenting opportunistic thieves with a “leg up” into or on a building you need to make sure you are protected, to deter the thieves away. Our selection of Scaffolding Alarms and Scaffold Alarm Systems are designed to deter intruders or thieves, and what’s more, all of our Scaffold Alarms are available to hire.

Most insurance companies are insisting on a scaffold alarm or declaring insurance policies invalid while scaffolding is erected around a property. That’s why we here at RS1 have developed a completely wireless and battery powered scaffold Alarm System to protect your property whilst work is being carried out.

Our Scaffolding Alarms Systems are completely wireless and battery powered, independent from any mains electrical needs. What’s more, the scaffold alarm’s control equipment and key fob lock box are mounted inside a nifty waterproof enclosure, with scaffold type clamps on the back for easy installation.

Scaffolding Alarms

Setting and un-setting the scaffolding alarm system is done via a remote controlled key fob attached inside the scaffold alarm’s lock box on site. You simply press the arm button on the remote, the siren will then squawk for a split second and the strobe will flash. This confirms that the scaffold alarm system is set. To unset the scaffolding alarm, simply press the disarm button on the key fob and the siren will make a different squawk noise and flash the strobe to confirm unset.

Using the GSM mobile phone networks to communicate, the scaffold alarm system is connected 24/7 meaning no alarms are missed. In the event of an alarm, the external siren will sound for a short time and the system will alert our central alarm monitoring centre where an operator will then know if more than one scaffolding alarm sensor has been activated, then act by calling your key holders or guarding company.

Visually Verified Scaffold Alarm Systems

With increasing pressure from insurance companies for scaffolding to be protected by Scaffold Alarm Systems everyone is looking for the best solution. While regular audio based monitored Scaffolding Alarms can be great in protecting the scaffolding, the difficulty then gets put onto the alarm receiving centre who has to confirm whether or not the activation is a false alarm or a genuine alarm once triggered before any emergency services can be called upon.

Here’s where a Visual Verification Scaffolding Alarm System comes into its own. Not only will a Scaffold Alarm System protect the scaffolding and create an onsite audible alarm to deter the would-be intruder but the PIR sensors have built-in cameras that take a 10 second video clip from the moment of intrusion. This is then sent on to the Alarm Receiving Centre through a Data Sim Card. This means the Alarm Receiving Centre can physically see what has triggered your Scaffold Alarm.

This process then eliminates a massive amount of time when dealing with the alert. The receiving centre does not have to waste any time in trying to call named key holders or site contacts to confirm if the alarm is genuine. The Visual Verification Scaffold Alarm allows the receiving centre to make their own judgement on the activation and to call the emergency services to respond to the alarm where they see fit. As a virtual witness to any potential crime that happens as a result of the intrusion on to the scaffolding, the emergency services, by law, have to respond. That is why Visual Verification Scaffolding Alarm Systems are the best new way to protecting buildings from scaffold intruders.

They work in exactly the same way as non-visual Scaffold Alarms, they are completely wireless and require no on-site power, and what’s more, we can offer Scaffold Alarm Hire if you only require the alarm for a limited amount of time. They are armed and disarmed through the use of a wireless remote control that will be placed on-site inside a coded lock box. The main control panel of the system is housed inside an IP rated water-proof enclosure and each of the detectors have been adapted with scaffold brackets for ease of installation. Visual Verification Scaffolding Alarms are the future of scaffold protection and will get you ahead of the competition – Discover more about our Scaffold Alarms and Scaffold Alarms Hire today…

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