What is better, wired or wireless?

There are many pro’s and con’s to wired and wireless alarm systems. For example, wireless alarm components are usually slightly more expensive than their wired counterparts, however due to the amount of work required with running the cabling for the alarm system wired alarms tend to be more expensive overall than a very easy to fit wireless system. While there are some running costs with wireless systems due to batteries needing to be replaced, the life of batteries within wireless systems can now push about 5 years and more, meaning the expenditure on them really isn’t all that much when you spread it out. Wireless systems are also easier to manage; if you want to decorate an area, no problem, simply remove the sensor. This cannot happen with a wired sensor and may require a visit by the alarm company which will also cost you money. Wireless alarm systems are also portable; if you want to move house, it is very easy to take that alarm system with you. Wired alarm systems cannot be moved and are a permanent addition to that house. Wireless systems are also easier to expand and protect more than just the house, got a shed or summer house that you wish to protect at the end of the garden? Not a problem with wireless alarms but with a wired system, forget it, unless you want to dig a trench in your garden for cable ducting.

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