What are the benefits of using an IP system over an analogue system?

There are many benefits to using an IP based system. Firstly, IP systems have the capacity to have much higher quality cameras. (Currently to a maximum of 12mp cameras with NVR’s outputting 4K resolution). Installation of IP cameras can also be much more flexible. Where analogue based systems have to have all of the cameras directly cabled to the DVR, IP cameras can be connected into network PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches. So long as the IP cameras are on the same network as the NVR is, the recorder can find the data being sent from the camera and display and record it. This helps massively when doing large scale installations where directly cabling to the recorder could sometimes cause huge headaches and be very costly. Another benefit is the ability to integrate video analytics into IP based cameras. Video Analytics range from intrusion based functions like TripWire, to People Counting and Heat Maps.

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