Daitem Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Response Security 1 have been installing and monitoring Daitem Espace wireless alarm systems for over 4 years now; giving us in-depth knowledge on the system.

Burglaries and theft have a very immediate psychological effect on people. Loss of personal belongings, the invasion of privacy, the damage caused by a burglar; it all adds up. All of this can be prevented through the installation of a monitored burglar alarm.

About the alarm

Daitem Espace burglar alarms have been at the forefront of wireless alarm systems since 2004. Not just in the UK but all over Europe. Many, many thousands of these alarms have been installed and are still considered a very good wireless alarm system.

The Daitem Espace range come with pre-installed telephone diallers allowing simple set ups for PSTN telephone monitoring. If the telephone option isn’t possible then a GSM dialler can be added to the system as well. As with all wireless alarm systems, the Daitem Espace burglar alarm is fully battery operated. The general battery life for this intruder alarm is somewhere between 3 and 5 years which gives you plenty of operation from the alarm before you even need to consider getting the batteries updated. They come with many different types of sensor and detector meaning they can be adaptable to any situation and preference. Our extensive knowledge in these alarms means we can make it work 100% around what you want.

What’s the difference between a monitored alarm and just having an audible only alarm?

Burglars are deterred by the sight of an intruder alarm, it’s a fact. What’s also a fact is that a large percentage of burglars and thieves are opportunists. If they’re desperate enough, they’ll try their luck regardless of the alarm system.

With an audible only alarm, the only deterrents you have are the internal or external sounders/sirens. While these are sometimes incredibly successful in warning someone away, other times the really determined burglars will either ignore them or try and disable them. Many people have the mind set to ignore an alarm system that is sounding nearby them because most people just assume it is a false alarm.

By connecting your alarm system to a remote monitoring station your alarm activation will not be ignored. The burglar will not be able to stop the alarm signal from being transmitted and the controller sat at the monitoring station and each activation will be responded to. When the alarm receiving centre receives the activation there are a number of protocols they have to follow in order to confirm whether or not the activation is real or false.

Our monitoring service, designed to be highly efficient and cost effective combined with a professionally installed Daitem wireless alarm system will offer you complete protection.

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