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Offering retail analytics software and in-store analytics solutions, here at Response Security 1 we provide retail and in store analytics software which can be introduced to retail environments to help monitor market changes, keep a track of customer behaviours and identify emerging trends. There are different types of analytics that can be applied. The software we use takes advantage of a highly advanced range of specially developed algorithms to give retailers the highest quality sales intelligence possible, and what’s more our range of products here at Response Security 1 are the go to choice for a growing number of major retailers.

Retail analytics software & in-store analytics solutions

People Counter

Retail environments are busy places in which it is difficult to track precise occupancy numbers, and associated times, that provide valuable insight into store visitor patterns, seasonal variations or the influence of promotions and other factors.

Retail environments are busy places in which it is traditionally difficult to track precise occupancy numbers, and associated times, that provide valuable insights into store visitor patterns, seasonal variations or the influence of promotions and other factors. That’s where Response Security 1 come in. Our range of in store analytics solutions and retail analytics software help you to extract actionable data and valuable insights from your visitors, enabling you to better cater for your customer’s needs.

Our Retail Analytics Software, PeopleCounter, enables retailers to measure occupancy numbers from the start of a customer’s journey, as well as track trends and anticipate potential health and safety management issues. PeopleCounter is a simple-to-install solution that provides managers with in-store analytics, enabling them to accurately count people entering a store, or visiting locations outside of a retail context, which helps with planning and resourcing, regulatory compliance, and seasonal, even daily trend analysis.

Queue Manager

The checkout or till area is a crucial part of the shopping experience. It’s often where customer loyalty is won or lost. Customer abandonment is a high risk. However, retailers can’t simply have staff twiddling their thumbs in order to reduce the risk of losing customers. Waiting times and queue length are major factors in the retail experience, as they affect customer satisfaction, staff productivity and sales optimisation. However, with our specifically designed Retail Analytics Software, QueueManager, we can provide you with in-store analytics solutions specifically designed for optimising your retail environment’s checkout process.

QueueManager incorporates a unique methodology that enables retailers to monitor operations, calculate the true impact of queue times and to take fast, effective action to reduce abandonment. This in store analytics option integrates a cost effective queue management solution with your existing camera network, enabling a comprehensive and complete system. Any time that predetermined queue levels are exceeded, a text, email or software alert is sent to store managers using the system. Armed with real-time knowledge from our retail analytics software, staff can make an informed decision, allocate more staff to checkouts or even close non-productive tills and directly influence sales.


Learn where your customers go once they enter your store, what aisles they head to, where they spend most time and where purchases are made. Our retail analytics software will provide actionable insights into what products or locations are acting as ‘honeypots’ and tailor the plans of different store and merchandise layouts to suit.

HeatMap data is created at each existing CCTV camera location and then combined into a floor plan visualisation that enables better analysis and understanding of product placement. This sophisticated yet accessible mapping solution provides real-time, actionable, in-store analytics about customer behaviour, trends and patterns, that is otherwise only accessible with an expensive hardware solution. Discover more about our Retail Analytics Software’s and Solutions today…

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our Retail Analytics Software’s and Solutions, or to enquire about the perfect solution for your requirements, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our contact form or by emailing us at:, or alternatively if you would prefer to discuss our in store analytics solutions over the telephone, then please do so on: 0800 622 6542, and a member of our helpful team will be happy to assist you. Response Security 1 are your leading provider of in store analytics and retail analytics software in the UK, find out more today…

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