Response Security 1 are professional CCTV installers installing the latest Dahua HDCVI and IP CCTV technology across the UK.

Already have an analogy CCTV system but want to upgrade without paying over the top for an expensive IP based system? Why not try Dahua HDCVI CCTV.

HDCVI is a newly patented technology by Dahua who are an internationally renowned manufacturer of CCTV security products. It is an over-coaxial-cable analogue HD video transmission standard, allowing reliable, long-distance transmission at much lower cost. Many current analogue HD technologies require very high quality cable and infrastructure which means that upgrading from your old system can become very expensive. HDCVI can utilise your existing cabling which will reduce your overall costs massively while giving you beautifully crisp 1080p HD images.

Pre-Installation Survey and Demonstration

With every quotation we do for our customers, we visit the premises and carry out a full site survey to ensure you get exactly what you need for your situation.

During the survey we bring along with us a custom demonstration kit, complete with examples of what we will be installing to your premises so you get to see first-hand exactly what we will be installing.

Additional Services

Here at Response Security 1 we like to give you, the customer, the best possible service we can and sometimes that means going a little beyond just installing a CCTV system. There are many further applications and services we can offer to you alongside the installation.

Motion Activated PIR Sensors

PIR detectors can also be installed with the system that can create motion activated alert notifications. When coupled with the ability to remotely view your CCTV these PIR sensors can be a great first line of defence, notifying you of any potential intruders before they even get to step foot on your property. Upon receiving your notification you can quickly log into the system and immediately be able to monitor what is going on.

Remote Cloud Storage

Sometimes, even though you have the CCTV system in place, opportunistic burglars will still try their luck. If this is the case then your recorded images may end up being very important to you. These images can be uploaded and stored on a secure cloud server allowing you to keep the all-important recordings safe.

Hard Drive Recovery

Unfortunately, when dealing with technology, sometimes things can go wrong. One thing that can seriously cripple a CCTV system is a hard drive failure. If the hard drive ever corrupts not only do you lose the ability to record any further images but you will also lose all data already stored within that hard drive. With the hard drive recovery plan, we can send the unit back to have its data recovered and placed back onto a new drive. This is done through Seagate and even has a 95% satisfaction rate with its customers who’s data can be saved.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our CCTV Systems in the UK, or to enquire with your specific requirements, then why not get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our contact form, or alternatively you can contact us via email at: info@responsesecurity1.co.uk or over the telephone on: 0800 622 6542. Response Security 1 are a leading provider of Response CCTV and Complete CCTV Systems in the UK, discover what we can offer you today.

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