Cloud Backup for CCTV

Backup snapshots and alerts with the RS1 Cloud.

Some opportunistic thieves believe that even with the property being protected by a CCTV system and/or Burglar Alarm, they can get away with the crime by stealing the evidence. While here at Response Security 1 we make sure our CCTV system installations are fully secure in a cabinet or lockbox to prevent theft, it is always good to have a backup!Cloud Backup for CCTVWith the RS1 Cloud, we receive a backup of every motion or Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) activation from your Dahua CCTV system and store them in the cloud for up to 90 days.

Each alert generates a snapshot of the event with full details of date, time and what device was triggered. The footage we receive is full system quality so you don’t lose the sharpness and fidelity you are accustomed to with your Dahua system.

Along with alert snapshots, we will also receive health reports and get warning of any faults with your CCTV system, allowing us to make sure your system is always operational.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our Cloud backup service or CCTV Systems then why not get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our contact form, or alternatively you can contact us via email at: or over the telephone on: 0800 622 6542. Discover what we can offer you today.

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