What is a Scaffold Alarm?

Scaffolding Alarm Signage

A scaffold alarm provides notice of intruders on a construction site and protects unattended property on the site. Scaffolding alarms consist of infrared burglar devices activated by movement or body heat and battery-operated alarms with a cellular connection back to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). We can also provide infrared sensors with cameras built in to provide extra surveillance and visual verification of alerts.

Scaffolds are erected on residential, commercial, and industrial construction sites so workers can access upper floors of buildings. Certain safety standards must be met while assembling the planks, beams, and guardrails. Once the equipment is set up properly, it is impractical to disassemble and lock up everything after each work day. A scaffolding alarm system helps prevent theft of the apparatus when workers leave the site.

An infrared scaffolding alarm uses light beams to detect body heat from an intruder entering a construction site. Another system relies on movement to trigger the alarm, which is typically programmed to prevent activation by animals or bad weather. A keypad allows a supervisor to disarm the device when workers are present. He or she can set the alarm at the end of the day and on weekends when scaffolding is unattended.

Scaffold Alarm Sensors

This type of system activates sirens and strobe lights when someone tampers with the scaffolding, serving as a theft deterrent and safety feature. It alerts the alarm receiving centre, which contacts the person responsible for site security to let them know of the activation and forwards video footage if the alarm install has visual verification sensors.

The alarm will shut off automatically and reset after a predetermined period. It will record the date, time, and location of any activity that caused activation so that a safety inspection can be done before employees resume work on the scaffold. The type of scaffold alarm chosen for a construction site depends on individual needs and the location of the job. Signage is added to warn off potential thieves.

In addition to an alarm system, insurance coverage might protect against loss of scaffolding by theft. Many construction companies purchase liability and theft insurance for construction equipment that remains on site. Equipment is usually marked to enable identification if it is stolen and later recovered by law enforcement.

Liability coverage also covers businesses that rent scaffolding to construction companies. Work on this equipment is considered a high-risk job, with falls the number-one reason for injuries. Scaffolds are subject to health and safety regulations to protect employees from harm.

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