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Visual Verification Alarm System Location

We were recently tasked with protecting a disused sweet factory that had been the subject of vandalism and thefts. This is an increasingly common issue and leaves companies with a real headache trying to protect sites from intruders. The decision behind what is the best solution can be made difficult by available budgets and the individual situations regarding each site. We decided to use a Visual Verification alarm system but there are many options available.

One of the most common options for many years now has been to employ a static security guard. However, this is very costly as you have to pay an hourly fee for the guard and this can soon sky rocket. Thankfully with todays’ advances in technology there are options that are not only cheaper but more effective.

One of the first options people will immediately think of when hearing about using technology to protect a construction site are CCTV towers. Now while these are effective there are many downsides to them. First of all, the cost of hire can be quite high. Secondly is the need for generators which is an additional cost when the generators need to be re-fuelled. Thirdly is their inability to be flexible. The main benefit to CCTV towers is the ability to have visual confirmation of the intruders to provide vital information to the emergency services.

So with that said, logically the best option for a temporary site system would be to have a system that can capture video confirmation; while remaining flexible to changing sites or difficult installation requirements. And let’s not forget about the cost…

Roll up the Videofied Visual Verification alarm system. This alarm system is a battery powered wireless alarm that has sensors with integrated cameras in them. When triggered they capture 10 seconds worth of video and upload them to a remote monitoring station. Because it’s wireless, the detectors are completely flexible and can be moved around with a changing site. You can also easily add additions if a site grows. Therefore providing greater coverage than a CCTV tower would.

So for the site in question, this was the best solution. Being completely wireless allowed us to place detectors in places that would have been incredibly difficult to protect with a CCTV tower and with no available mains power any other CCTV based solutions were out of the question. With the system using a GSM dialler and a roaming sim we were able to guarantee reporting of alarm activations. Using a specialised cloud based monitoring platform boasting an incredibly impressive 100% run-time record.

The benefit to it being visually verified is that when we receive the activations, we don’t have to get confirmation via a key holder. As we have witnessed a crime in progress we can immediately move onto phoning the emergency services. The hope is that the intruders get caught in the act while totally unaware they have been seen. The police will then respond and hopefully catch the perpetrators.

For more information on Visual Verification alarm systems and temporary site security solutions please call us on 0800 622 6542.


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