Omgate – Mobile Based Automation Device

Omgate – Mobile Based Automation Device

In a world where technology seems to move faster than most of us can keep up with, there is no denying that technology is starting to make even the simplest tasks easier for us. This is no different in the world of home automation. You can see it on the TV daily, energy companies offering you the ability to control your heating in the palm of your hand, being able to control mood lighting to suit every personal situation or even as simple as switching a kettle on. All things that aren’t necessarily a testing operation when done manually but through the use of technology and our uncontrollable obsession with mobile phones these processes have been made even simpler still.

Home Automation

Automation is a market that is moving and rising very quickly and everyone is looking to offer their customers the best possible solutions to controlling everything through a mobile device; whether domestic or commercially based. Because let’s not forget it’s not just in your home where things are being made much easier to control, this can be applied in any situation.

One of the main focal points of this post, and of the device I am going to talk to you about, looks at a specific area of access control. This area is entrance barriers, gates and garages. Now, most people that have to deal with these applications on a daily basis will be more than aware that many of these already come with a remote way of opening or unlocking them; many of them are installed with remote controls. In a commercial situation an entrance barrier into a work place may be controlled through a coded-access device such as a keypad. Although these are relatively simple to operate, as I have mentioned, anything can be made simpler through the use of technology.

So, what if I was to tell you that all of these things can be opened automatically as you approach them without the need to even press any buttons or code in a number?

How Omgate Works

That is where the OmGate automation device comes in. It utilises Bluetooth connectivity to recognise your mobile phone as you approach the unit and will send an open command to the gate, barrier or garage door so you don’t have to. Watch the video below to see exactly how it works.

You can have up to a total of 20 devices connected and controllable through one OmGate app on your mobile phone allowing you to open and control gates, barriers, garage doors OR anything else that you want to be able to open. Individual users can then be managed per device, so access can be restricted where required to not allow control of certain areas. The possibilities for automatic and remote control can be quite endless.

Just to show you how we put one of these devices into practice you can view a write up – by clicking the link below – on Bearwood Lakes Golf Club who are a special client of ours where we installed one of these devices with a new entrance barrier. We gave their staff and valued club members’ exclusive access to the OmGate device allowing them automatic entrance into the golf club without having to use a code or intercom system.

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