Preventing Vandals: Advantages to Hiring Construction Site Security

Time is money when it comes to construction. Any site manager knows that missing deadlines is a sure way to add unnecessary costs that could place a huge strain on the overall budget. Experts stress the importance of temporary site security when it comes to preventing delays in construction. This is why construction site security is paramount to keeping a project running.

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves and vandals. If these criminals can access building sites easily they can cause a lot of damage and loss to construction companies. This can set work back for weeks or even months as workers repair damage and wait for new supplies.

Construction Site Security Sensor


Vandals can wreak a lot of havoc on building sites. They can cause a lot of expensive damage to new builds and renovations through fire and destructive behaviour. Construction companies will then have to spend time and money repairing this damage before they can continue with the planned work. The damage caused by vandals can also compromise site safety. You may have to close the site until it can be made safe to work in again and this can set you back weeks or even months.

Keeping vandals out of your site is of paramount importance if you want to stick to your deadlines. Putting the right construction site security in place is essential and should be figured into the budget for the job right from day one.

Metal Theft

Metal theft has been a problem for construction companies for many years. However in the last few decades this type of crime has been on the rise. Common metals for construction are in high demand all around the world now and this has pushed prices sky high. Metals such as copper and lead are targeted by thieves and can fetch big money on the scrap metal market. Construction sites are doubly at risk as thieves are not only on the look-out for scrap metal but also new and unused supplies stored on site. Thieves can then sell these supplies on to other unwitting construction companies or DIY enthusiasts for profits.

Installing the Right Security

It is a good idea to outsource your construction site security to the experts. A good specialist security solution provider will be able to assess your needs and put in place an affordable and effective site security system. This will be tailored to your budget and also cover any necessary Health and Safety requirements. Site security systems can comprise of measures such as:

  • CCTV cameras – some systems will offer remote access so you can log in and view real-time images from any web-enabled computer.
  • Scaffold alarms – these will alert security personnel when an unauthorised person has accessed scaffolding out of site hours.
  • Fences and Gates – a basic but effective way to protect your site is to completely enclose it with high fences and locked gates to restrict access.

If you want to achieve your deadlines and avoid delays then you need to invest in temporary site security. This can help to prevent unauthorised access to your site which could result in expensive problems.

Security is paramount, whatever industry you are in. However, some industries require heightened protection and that is why construction site security is highly sought after.

Do you need Temporary Site Security?

If you think you require construction site security or need to protect a void building, get in contact with and see what we can do for you. You can contact us by calling 0800 622 6542 and picking option 1, alternatively you can email us at We can provide temporary CCTV systems, scaffolding alarms and all manner of temporary site security solutions.

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