5 Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System

A burglar trying to get into a house by the backdoor

All alarm systems can be broken down into two basic types, audible only and monitored alarm system. A monitored business or home alarm system guarantees a response to any activation and can be dealt with according to the procedures you put in place.

Audible only alarms rely on good Samaritans acting when they hear an alarm going off. Often, we have customers ask what benefits a monitored alarm system and whether it’s worth the extra money.

It’s not easy to say in a blog post which benefits relate to your situation if you opt for monitored alarms, which is why we recommend people to take advantage of our free site survey – so we can assess them on an individual level.

Nevertheless here are 5 Benefits of A Monitored Alarm System:

  1. You are never ignored.

    A third of Britons ignore a ringing burglar alarm, according to a report by the BBC. A monitored alarm system guarantees you a response – so your safety is no longer in the hands of passers-by.

    If activated, the alarm will call our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The operator at our monitoring station will then call your nominated list of keyholders to let them know what has happened.

  2. Home Insurance Benefits.

    Monitored systems can lead to lower home and business insurance premiums. Many insurance companies now will ask if your alarm system is monitored or audible only. This extra layer of security can save you money in the long run.

  3. Monitored systems are riskier to burglars.

    When your alarm goes off, an alarm receiving centre operator will challenge the cause verbally. If the person responsible for setting off the alarm doesn’t know the safe word then the operator knows it is a real intrusion.

    For a burglar, there’s nothing more terrifying than being caught in the middle of their crime, so the criminal will flee the scene.

  4. Visual Verification.

    With modern Visual Verification Monitored alarm systems, when the alarm is activated the operator in the alarm receiving centre is given a snapshot of the event. With this ability to see the intruder we can act quicker. With a verified intrusion, the police can be called so, while your neighbour ignores the alarm, the police are already on their way.

    Visonic Visual Verification / Monitored Alarm System

  5. Peace of mind.

    Knowing that somebody is ready to assess your security situation if your alarms go off is incredibly reassuring.

Get A Monitored Alarm System with Response Security 1

Here at Response Security 1, we provide free home security surveys to design an alarm system tailored to your needs – whether that’s monitored or not.

To ask a question or book your survey now, just fill in the form or call us on 0800 622 6542 and pick option 1.

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