Temporary Site Security Somerset

Temporary Site Security Somerset

Vacant Property Protection & Construction Site Security

When dealing with construction site security it is very common to have lots of expensive materials and equipment left on the site as this is much more suitable and cost effective than having to bring it to and from the site every day. This can then become a very high profile site for potential intruders who want to try and make themselves some money.

Vacant Building

There are many ways to protect a construction site which include static guards and mobile CCTV towers. However, these options are incredibly costly and have many individual flaws. With security guards, you have a ‘luck of the draw’ situation and cannot always guarantee the complacency and effectiveness of the guard involved. CCTV towers have become increasingly popular but very large construction sites can sometimes require upwards of two or three of these towers and when they are coming in at a cost of £300-500 per week, the cost can begin to come very close to that of a static guard.

One of the best and most cost effective ways to protect the site is to install a temporary intruder alarm system. These alarm systems are specially adapted for use within a construction based compound, are completely wireless for flexibility and can then be monitored remotely by an alarm receiving centre. Large signage and external sirens are very visible to deter any would be intruder away from the site and compared to the other options, hire prices of these systems are much lower.

You can read about our Vacant Property Protection at a disused sweet factory in Poole, Dorset here

Visual Verification – A Step Above

(Videofied wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification)

‘What happens when the alarm is triggered though, who can deal with the situation to stop the intruders?’ It’s a very good question and in most situations with an audible only alarm system an alarm receiving centre needs confirmation of there being an intruder on site before the emergency services can be called.

So then what if I was to tell you that an intruder alarm system and visual verification of the alarm can be combined into one easy and cost effective solution?

At RS1 we use a specialised, completely wire-free and battery operated alarm system that uses external PIR detectors with in-built cameras in them. Using a GSM dialler with a 2G and 3G data sim card we are then able to receive the 6-10 second video clips taken from the moment the intruder alarm system is triggered allowing us to physically see the cause of the alarm. The operator at our in-house alarm receiving centre can then make an incredibly quick call on whether or not the reasoning to the activation requires immediate police attention.

As the system is completely wireless, the intruder alarm system can also grow and reduce in size as the construction site evolves and changes over time. It also allows for sensors within the system to be re-positioned when required.

By combining an intruder alarm system with visual verification, you not only eliminate the need for a security guard or temporary CCTV system but you massively reduce the overall cost of the site protection. It’s a no brainer really.

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