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Here at Response Security 1 we are pleased to supply a selection of CCTV, Burglar Alarm and Security Systems across Somerset, keeping your premises safe and secure! Catering to both commercial and private clients alike, Response Security 1 are recognised as a leading provider of Security and Alarm Systems in Somerset, discover more today...

Keeping your premises safe and secure is a priority for any business or homeowner, and with Response Security 1 it couldn’t be easier. Supplying a range of CCTV, Alarm and Security Systems in Somerset, Response Security 1 can help to minimise the risk of a break in and ultimately deter any opportunistic thieves. Our selection of Security and Alarms Systems in Somerset are of the highest quality, and are all fit for purpose. What’s more, our team of highly experienced installers are all on hand to set up your security system installation in Somerset.

A CCTV or Alarm System could be all that is needed in order to prevent a break in on your premises. Although Somerset is considered a safe place to live and work, there is always the potential for risk, and there is no harm in taking preventative measures. All of our Security and Alarm Systems in Somerset are of the highest standard, guaranteeing your security! Discover more about our Security Systems in Somerset today...

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Here are some projects we have completed...

Dorset Aquatics – Henstridge, Somerset

Dorset Aquatics are a landscaping company specialising in pond design and refurbishments as well as having a Garden Centre. The company came to use after a recent spate in burglary attempts in the area. They wanted to protect their poly tunnel and surrounding external area which had many valuables. So we went in with a Daitem wireless alarm system that included external PIR detectors all connected up to us via their telephone line. We then installed a CCTV system that looks over their main entry gate and outside yard plus cameras included inside their poly tunnel that was turned into a garden centre shop.

More information on our CCTV systems can be found here.

Further information on our Daitem alarms can be found here.

Miss Saunders – Henstridge, Somerset

Miss Saunders is a local domestic customer just a few minutes down the road from our office. She looks after a herd of alpacas at the bottom of her house and driveway and wanted to be able to keep an eye on them as well as her property. We provided a Dahua HDCVI system that included a standard analogue camera that was wirelessly transmitted up to her house from the bottom of her drive that over looked the alpaca’s. We then also provided her with a Daitem wireless alarm system to protect her house that is also monitored by us.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Further information on our Daitem alarms can be found here.

Dahua HDCVI system in Henstridge Somerset

IQeol – Henstridge, Somerset

Based on the same business estate as ourselves IQeol are a charity based company and deal in taking old office equipment from large office buildings and refurbishing systems that can then be donated to charity organisations. The large warehouse contains lots of computing equipment that obviously needs to be well protected so we installed a Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system with Visual Verification. This means that the systems PIR’s have integrated cameras that when triggered send us through 6 second video clips allowing us to confirm the cause of the alarm activation. This is connected to our receiving centre through a data sim card within a GSM dialler and a broadband dialler.

More info on Visonic Alarms can be found here.

Autospray – Henstridge, Somerset

Autospray are another business that are located on the same business estate as ours and deal with repairing vehicle damage and doing car re-sprays. Within their compound they can have any number of cards, some being very expensive cars and therefore they required a CCTV system that would be adequate to protect such high assets. That’s why we went in with the Dahua HDCVI range of CCTV cameras, the quality to cost ratio was perfect for what they required and we included cameras internally and externally. Connected to the recorder that is situated in their office building and then also connected to their broadband, it allows the owner to check in on everything remotely.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Mr Winandy – East Coker, Somerset

Mr Winandy had recently moved into a new property in East Coker which also included a garage at the bottom of garden. He wished to have the property protected by an alarm system and so we went in and installed a wireless Daitem alarm system. This included a door contact with an industrial roller shutter magnet to go on the garage door. The alarm was then connected to their telephone line allowing us to monitor the alarm system.

For more information on Daitem alarm systems please click here.

Nigel Smith – Yeovil, Somerset

Nigel is the owner of the Autospray business near to us. He had some issues with damage being caused to one of his vehicles outside of his house and wanted a camera system to protect his property and cars. So we installed a two camera Dahua HDCVI CCTV system for him that was all connected up to a recorder housed in his loft. The system was then connected to a monitor in a room upstairs to allow for live viewing of the images and was also connected to his home broadband to allow him to remotely check on his system while away.

More info on our Dahua HDCVI systems can be found here.

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