Alarm Systems Portsmouth

Alarm Systems Portsmouth

At Response Security 1, protecting properties with alarm systems is our main priority whether they are domestic or commercial. Therefore we ensure that we always find the best systems to provide to our customers. This is incredibly important due to the fact that we provide a wide array of Burglar Alarm systems, including Monitored Burglar Alarms, Temporary Site Alarms for construction and Scaffolding alarm systems. You can use the tabs below to find out more information on the different types of system that we can install.

Not many people think about the different applications that Burglar Alarm Systems can be used in. The first thought is usually toward a domestic house or a commercial business property. That is why we like to try and push the boundaries with alarm systems. We have a team with great technical knowledge able to adapt alarm systems to any situation and requirement including construction sites, scaffolding, and abandoned properties. With the many advances in alarm technology, there are many leading systems out there today that allow us to provide the best solutions possible.


Visual Verification alarm systems are one of the most recent modern advances in Burglar Alarm systems. One of the major problems with has a Monitored Alarm System was the alarm receiving centre's inability to instantly confirm if the alarm is genuine of false. This caused a series of issues in false emergency service call outs and police time wasting. This caused police forces to blacklist problem properties if they had too many call outs that were not genuine. So it makes an Alarm Receiving Centre's job difficult because they have to confirm the alarm activation with a home owner or named key holder. This is where Visual Verification steps up as it grants the monitoring operative the ability to physically see the cause of the alarm activation. Not to be fooled as a replacement for a CCTV system as it does not do any amount of recording.

Another major benefit to Visual Verification is the ability to visually monitor other types of alarm including Fire, Medical, Carbon Monoxide and Panic alarms. The system provides images from the PIR sensors allowing the Alarm Receiving Centre to aid emergency services in their responses to these events.

Visual Verification can also be used to protect temporary sites such as construction sites. The wireless nature of the alarms allows them to be adaptable to changing environments and allows for flexibility when presented with challenging layouts. You can read more on how we used these alarms to protect a disused sweet factory building here.


There are many different ways to monitor a Burglar Alarm system. You can use telephone lines, broadband or sim cards. All of these methods send the information provided from the alarm to a central Alarm Receiving Centre where manned operatives are available 24 hours a day to respond to the activations from the alarms. Many installation companies will sub contract their monitoring out to large Alarm Receiving Centre buildings tasked with monitoring thousands of alarms from multiple different alarm companies.

Alarm Systems Portsmouth - Here at RS1 we do things a little differently and provide our own in-house alarm receiving centre. That means that every customer of ours gets a much more personal monitoring experience and service. If your alarm system has triggered and you are not sure as to why it has happened, our technical support team working 24 hours a day are immediately available to provide help instead of it being passed from company to company which can be very time consuming and frustrating.


The main benefit to providing in-house alarm monitoring is that we are able to provide much cheaper rates on the monitoring service. It allows us to provide alarm monitoring from as little as 24p a day! This is almost half as cheap as the industry standard!

If you would like to find out some more information about any of our Alarm Systems Portsmouth or Response Burglar Alarms, or to enquire about the best solutions for your specific requirements, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by using our Contact Form or by emailing us at:, or alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the telephone, then please do so on: 0800 622 6542, and a member of our helpful team will be happy to assist you. Response Security 1 are your leading provider of Alarm Installations and Burglar Alarm Systems in the UK, discover more about our Alarm System Installation today…

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