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Here at Response Security 1 we are pleased to offer a selection of security systems in Hampshire, helping to keep your home or business premises safe and secure. From offering residential Burglar Alarms in Hampshire, to complete CCTV solutions for large business, Response Security 1 can offer it all! Discover more about our Security & Alarm Systems in Hampshire today...

Our Alarm Systems in Hampshire are designed to protect your business or home from any potential intruders, keeping your premises safe and secure. What’s more, all of our Burglar Alarms in Hampshire are installed by our highly skilled and trained professional installers. Our superior service and dedication to customers is what makes us a leading provider of Security Systems in Hampshire.

Our team of installers are equipped to install your Security System in Hampshire with as least disruption possible, and what’s more all of our installers have an extensive knowledge on the Alarm Systems we install across Hampshire, so they are perfectly situated to answer any questions you may have regarding the systems. Read what some of our happy customer have to say regarding our security systems and burglar alarms in Hampshire below.

YMCA – Southampton, Hampshire

At the YMCA we were given the requirement to replace an existing CCTV system recorder that had failed and stopped working. They were provided with two new Dahua HDCVI Tribrid CCTV recorders that were hooked up to their network to allow the office staff to have full view of all of the cameras within the system through the use of computer software. The connection to the internet allows us to perform remote servicing tasks to the system to try and diagnose problems. We also added to the existing system with a few new HD cameras to provide their building with a much more adequate coverage. We also installed an Emergency Call button with video capabilities to be used by their residents that we then monitor and respond to. The device has two-way communication properties allowing us to communicate with the person(s) who has used the system.

For more information on our CCTV system services please click here.

Roys Royal Keys – Southampton, Hampshire

At Roy’s Royal Keys we were presented with a newly acquired business location where the client wanted a new roller shutter door to be installed to protect his business due to the shop front consisting on large glass panes that could easily be broken into. The layout of the shop front did not allow for an external installation meaning we had to cater to an internal installation of the roller shutter door. This came equipped with wireless remote controls for the opening and closing of the roller shutter. Also as part of the installation we installed a large display unit we have created that displays the different types of systems we install including a Wireless Alarm System, HD CCTV System and an Access Control System with video capability.

For more information on this installation you can click here.

Samsons Gym – Eastleigh, Hampshire

Samsons Gym in Eastleigh is a client that came through to us wishing to update their current CCTV system as the recorder has failed and was no longer protecting the gym. We replaced the recorder with a new Dahua Tribrid system so that it could accept the existing cameras within the building. With the system now running, recording and accessible remotely the client was very happy. Unfortunately the gym then went through an untimely incident which caused significant damage to the building. This prompted the gyms owner to expand his system and include additional cameras to the outside of the building alongside an upgrade to Dahua 2mp HDCVI cameras as a replacement for all of their existing system. A Visonic PowerMaster Wireless Alarm System was also installed and connected to our specialised Visonic PowerManage server for monitoring of the system.

For further information on our Visonic Alarm Systems you can click here.

RSYC Ocean Village & Beaulieu – Ocean Village, Southampton, Hampshire

We were approached by the Royal Southampton Yacht Club at the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton to install a new CCTV system to provide coverage of the outside of their building. The first step was to provide a site survey by one of our team to work out the exact requirements including positioning of cameras and cable runs. We decided the best system to use was a coaxial based Dahua HDCVI CCTV system and included the installation of 6 brand new cameras. The recorder of the system was connected into the broadband to allow for remote access and access to the system locally through computers. They also have another site down in Beaulieu which is 30 minutes away that had an existing CCTV system they wished to have replaced and made uniform with the system at Ocean Village. So we installed a Dahua HDCVI recorder once more and included a new 2.4mp HD bullet camera to look down onto the main entrance gate. With connection to the broadband this unit was then accessible remotely back at their main offices in Southampton.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Metcalfe – Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Mr & Mrs Metcalfe are one of our more recent domestic installations. They came to us with the requirement of wanting to have a full 360° coverage of the outside of their property including a driveway and entrance gate. Wanting a high quality system but working to a budget we went in once again with a Dahua HDCVI coaxial based CCTV system which included an 8 channel CCTV DVR and 7 external cameras; 3 on the front of the house, 2 on the side and 2 over the back of the house. All of the cabling ran directly into their very open loft space where the recorder was situated inside a protective lockable cabinet. The system as with all of our CCTV systems was connected to their home broadband allowing them to have access through mobile devices and through their home PC’s.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Mr West – Havant, Hampshire

Mr West has been a customer of ours for many years as a monitored alarm customer. We took over his alarm system following him being let down by a previous installer and losing lots of money as a result of them being shut down. We gained his trust and it therefore led him to be willing to push more work our way and when he came to us wishing to have a CCTV system put onto the outside of his house we were more than happy to oblige. We installed a four camera Dahua HDCVI CCTV system once again with a recorder kept inside a locked cabinet inside. Once again, connection to his home broadband allows him to see his full HD quality CCTV cameras remotely through either his phone or his home computer.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Candy Room Sweet Shop – Southampton, Hampshire

The Candy Room was another commercial customer that came to us wishing to protect their assets through the use of an alarm system and CCTV. We installed a wireless alarm system to protect the shop while no one is there that is connected to their phone line and reports to our Alarm Receiving Centre. We then installed a 3 camera IP CCTV system for them that also included a 4mp Fish Eye Camera that is placed centrally to the shop providing full 360° coverage. This utilises Dahua 4K range of network video recorders and can be defragged allowing us to access images of different areas of the shop. There is then also a camera that overlooks the till area and a camera that then looks directly onto the main entrance door. Remote access is available for the store manager to be able to check in on their staff and the shop.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

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