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Here at Response Security 1 we’re pleased to offer a selection of Alarm & CCTV Systems Dorset, as well as a quality range of CCTV Systems in Dorset as well. Catering for all types of clients, Response Security 1 can develop a security solution which is right for you. Whether you are in search of Burglar Alarms in Dorset, or a complete CCTV Monitoring solution, we are able to adapt to the requirements of our clients, big and small alike.

Our experience installing and monitoring Security and Alarm Systems in Dorset means that we are in the best position possible to advise you on the best solutions for you or your business. Whether that simply be installing a residential Burglar Alarm in Dorset, or a complete CCTV Solution, our superior knowledge is what makes us a leading provider and installer of Alarms and CCTV Systems in Dorset.

All of our Security and Alarm Systems in Dorset are installed by our team of highly trained installers. They have an extensive knowledge on all of the Alarm and CCTV systems we install across Dorset, meaning they are perfectly situated to answer any questions you may have regarding the systems. Discover what makes RS1 a leading provider and installer of Security systems and Burglar alarms in Dorset today...

Mr Hicks – Plush, Dorset

Mr Hicks first came to us as a customer with an existing Visonic PowerMax alarm system that had some faults and wanted us to service and maintain his alarm. He then also came on-board with us as a monitored alarm customer. A few months later due to his pleasure at our services he then asked us to install CCTV on his property as well. So we installed a 6 camera Dahua HDCVI CCTV system for him that was all cabled directly into his loft space with the recorder placed inside a lockable cabinet for protection. The CCTV system is then viewable remotely through his mobile phone or his PC and Laptop.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Miss Griffith – Litton Cheney, Dorset

This installation at Litton Cheney near Dorchester was put our way after the occupant moved into a newly acquired house. Following on from a home survey where we found the exact requirements needed we provided a quotation that was then accepted. We then went and installed a relatively extensive Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system which included protection for an external garage building. The alarm system was then connected to their home broadband allowing for connection to our PowerManage alarm server for monitoring.

More info on Visonic PowerMaster can be found here.

Bridport Art Centre – Bridport, Dorset

At Bridport Art Centre we were asked to go in and commission a Dahua Network CCTV system that was supplied by us but installed by a contractor doing major renovations to the building. After the initial mounting and cable runs of the system we were asked to go in and then finalise the installation. We had to position the cameras correctly, check the cabling was terminated correctly and was supplying an image back to the recorder. We then set up the recorder correctly including recording schedule and camera encoding. After this was complete we connected the recorder into the Art Centre’s broadband so that the manager could have access into the cameras remotely through her phone and her computer.

For further information on our CCTV system services please click here.

Dorchester Museum – Dorchester, Dorset

The enquiry by Dorchester Museum was a little bit of a different one for us. The Museum was receiving some dresses that were used as part of a movie set (Far From the Madding Crowd) and were being displayed in the museum. They wanted an alarm based system that if someone stepped too close to the dresses or tried to touch them they were given a vocal warning to deter them away. We achieved this by linking a PIR detector with an input with a Voice Off speaker unit. When the PIR was triggered it then caused the voice off speaker to give a pre-programmed vocal warning. The PIR was also then connected to a device that allowed it to communicate to a panel in the downstairs office that provided them with a chime notification to let them know the system had triggered.

CC Moore Office – Stalbridge, Dorset

CC Moore are a local company to our main office and have a warehouse directly next door to us. They acquired an office building just a few minutes down the road that required a new alarm system and some CCTV cameras to protect their new office equipment. So we went in and installed a new wireless intruder alarm and installed two external Dahua HDCVI CCTV cameras that provided a full 180° view of the front of their offices.

More information on our Dahua HDCVI CCTV systems can be found here.

Paul Coates Automotive – East Stour, Dorset

Paul Coates Automotive is a local car garage who moved into a new property in East Stour, Dorset. The building did not have an existing alarm system and so therefore they came to us wishing to get the building protected. We went and installed a Visonic PowerMax Complete wireless alarm system that protected both his small office and the main workshop of the garage. Connected to his telephone line it allowed us to monitor the alarm system should it get triggered by an intruder.

More info on Visonic PowerMaster can be found here.

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