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Offering CCTV, Alarms and Security Systems in Berkshire, here at Response Security 1 we are pleased to provide a huge range of Security Solutions to help keep your premises safe and secure. From providing monitored and burglar alarms in Berkshire to offering Security and CCTV Systems, Response Security 1 are your leading provider of CCTV & Alarm Systems in Berkshire.

Catering to residential and commercial clients alike, RS1 can provide Security Systems in Berkshire to keep you and your premises secure. Whether you are in search of a simple Burglar Alarm in Berkshire, or a complete Security Solution, our team are committed to ensuring every premises in Berkshire is safe and secure, no matter whether you’re a private or commercial client. Discover more about our Security and Alarm Systems in Berkshire today...

Our highly experienced team of installers are all on hand to set up your CCTV, Security, or Alarm system in Berkshire, and what’s more, our entire team of installers are all highly knowledgeable when it comes to the systems we provide. Our Security Systems in Berkshire are all of the highest standard, and are guaranteed to perform as intended. See what some of our previous happy customers have to say regarding our Security and Burglar Alarm Systems in Berkshire below.

Bearwood Lakes Golf Club – Sindlesham, Berkshire

Bearwood Lakes Golf Club came to us with an issue with an existing entrance barrier and access control system and wanted to look at options for replacements. The difficulty is the old system was using damaged cabling that ran up half a mile to the golf club and they did not want to expend huge amounts of money fixing this cabling. Therefore we had to find a solution that worked, was cost effective and had to be network based for a new IP system. We found the solution and successfully installed a new entrance barrier, access control system with video capability, two new IP cameras and a wireless network link.

You can see a full write up on this installation and the process around it here.

Academy Sport Leisure Centre – Reading, Berkshire

Academy Sport Leisure Centre was a job brought to us when the Leisure Centre was going through the process of having a brand new 3G football pitch installed on its grounds. They wanted a new high quality CCTV system to protect the pitches from trespassers and potential vandalism. We were tasked with finding a suitable way to protect the pitch with CCTV and get the images back to a recorder inside the Leisure Centre building. We opted for a Dahua network CCTV system utilising 4mp camera quality and wireless network bridges using Ligowave Echo 5 antennas. Situated around the 3G pitch were a number of large floodlight masts, we used these masts to position the cameras and then send back the images via the antennas to an omni-directional antenna situated on the building. This was then in-turn cabled to a network switch allowing the recorder to see the camera images from the mast. Following the success of the install and how impressed the manager of the Leisure Centre was of the camera quality we then also got asked to replace all of the leisure centre’s existing internal cameras and upgraded them to 4mp Dahua IP CCTV cameras.

For more information on Dahua network CCTV systems please click here.

DJ Travel – Reading, Berkshire

DJ Travel are a mini bus hire company based in Reading, Berkshire and had an issue with a recent break-in where some equipment was stolen from their lock-up area. They came to us wanting to have a new alarm system and CCTV system put in place to try and deter or catch the intruder should it happen again. So we went in with a Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system and a Dahua HDCVI 4 camera CCTV system. The CCTV system provided them with full coverage of their yard protecting their vehicles and expensive equipment. The wireless alarm system included externally situated PIR detectors to create alarms before they can even get to any of the vehicles or storage area.

For more information on our CCTV and Alarms you can visit our pages by clicking the links.

Kingdom Coffee – Reading, Berkshire

Darren from Kingdom Coffee got in touch with us shortly after purchasing a new building for his fair-trade coffee business. The building was a large two story warehouse based building and he had many expensive renovations planned. During this period he wanted his building to be temporarily protected. So we installed a Visual Verification Visonic PowerMaster wireless alarm system that had Camera PIR’s installed onto move-able tripod stands. This allowed Darren to move the sensors around the premises while it was being worked on which kept the building protected. Once the works had been completed internally to a stage where they were able to have a more permanent installation done, we re-visited and installed the PIR’s correctly onto the internal walls. With it being a visual verification alarm system it allows us to see the cause of the alarm activations and make quick fire decisions on what sort of response should be applied to the alarm.

For more information on Visual Verification alarms please click here.

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