Our Security Roller Shutters and Security Shutter doors are suitable for securing any type of opening, whether it be for a small doorway, window, or large warehouse opening, we can provide solutions for just about any situation.

Our roller shutter doors provide a strong physical deterrent, keeping your premises safe and secure. You can choose your choice of operation, finish and internal or external fitting on any of our security roller shutters, all of which are manufactured from high quality steel.

If you are worried about your shop’s safety then our security shutters in the UK will guarantee high protection against thieves and break ins. We also offer shutter extras which include: weather sealing, personal access doors, safety beams and loops, and much more.

We understand that our customers don’t want thieves and burglars to ever break into their shop or facility. That’s why we ensure that all our security shutters in the UK are made with a premium build, making them extremely durable and sturdy.

The shutters will be fitted with an anti-drill and anti-pick lock, which will ensure that no one will be able to break into the shop without having the specific key assigned to the lock. This is one of many things that RS1 do to make sure that your business stays as safe as possible.

Shutter Specifications

  • 76mm 22 & 20 gauge galvanised steel curly lath.
  • L & T section bottom rail constructed from galvanised steel.
  • 64 & 100mm channels rolled mild steel.
  • 50 & 76mm x 6mm fixing angles rolled from mild steel (product sizes dependent on size of shutter).

Shutter Operation

  • Manual: fitted with anti drill/pick bullet locks or central lock for dual operation.
  • Chain: via direct drive or geared ratio drive system (dependent on size).
  • Motorised: via single phase tubular or single/three phase flange or shaft drive units.

Shutter Extras

  • Perforated lath.
  • Powder coated finish (BS or RAL colours).
  • Weather sealing.
  • Personnel access doors.
  • Safety beams and loops.
  • Remote control operation (single phase motors only).
  • Ground locks.
  • Manual lift handles.

Use Case: Southampton Shop Front

What do you do when Southampton City Council will not allow you to fit a security roller shutter externally?

Here is an example of this alternative method to installing security shutters on a shop front when the local council will not grant permission for an external security roller shutter.

Installing the roller shutters internally is something that won’t require any permission and will keep your business safe. So, you don’t have to worry about any legal issues or running into the council while installing roller shutters.

Internal Security Roller Shutters benefit from electric remote controls and battery backup in case of a power cut, while still providing a full front of store security shutter.

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